Address: Cape Town South Africa

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My name is Blythe Stuart Linger, I am an arts administrator and a practising producer, based in South Africa. This is a brief history of where I come from and where I am heading.


I was born in Cape Town in 1992, Like many, I too have had a very humble upbringing. Coming from a single parent household, having to work since the age of 14 (yes, which is illegal, I know) created a drive for me to be successful and self-sustaining. From a very young age, I've had an interest in anything theatrical. One of my most vivid memories growing up was, as a 12-year-old boy, trying to gather his friends to put on a theatrical experience for our parents. These included concerts for each festive occasion. Come Easter, Christmas, birthdays, or any other occasion, I would find an excuse to rope together my friends to create a concert. Needless to say, it wasn't met with my enthusiasm all round. I didn't realise, at that stage, that this was where my passion laid. A few years later, as a young man, I was involved in our church's outreach programs and realised that I also had a passion to be a part of the developing communities, and in return developing myself. This gave me an invaluable opportunity to travel, work and meet with people from different walks of life. My father always used to say that, "you learn more from travelling and people than you do in a classroom." (This is up for debate).


Growing up in my household, education wasn't seen as a priority, the emphasis was put on getting a job as soon as possible in order to survive. However, with that said, I was the first person in my family to graduate with a matric. After graduation, I went straight into retail and climbed the corporate ladder. This is where my interest in business developed. In 2014, I took a leap of faith, resigned from a full-time job as a regional manager for a chain of retail stores, and decided to mix both business and theatre. That very same year I produced my first production. Here I am, four years later, learning, living and loving this crazy industry!


I always aim to take on work that engages with a diverse audience through a variety of educational and innovative theatrical experiences. I continually work to enrich arts and culture in South Africa by creating cooperative platforms and opportunities with creative professionals and local communities. My goal is to learn and grow through co-education and to support the current generation of South African artists as well as generations to come. Despite being young in the industry, my perseverance has seen me grow with regards to producing and grappling with: New works, re-imaginings, Cross-culture collaborations and theatrical projects that challenge gender identity as well as gender dynamics. I am an energetic young individual who has a passion for theatre, the arts and its importance in society.  I aim to focus more on interdisciplinary works that create catalysts for debates and transformation in the world and while doing this also creating a platform where artists are encouraged to practice their skills in a supportive environment where collaboration is key.


I am passionate about the arts and have an organised approach to a career as an arts administrator and producer. As an arts administrator, I have managed activities and projects in the arts sector. Particularly in:


  • Arts festivals

  • Theatres

  • International Touring Productions

  • Out Reach



My experience includes:


- Marketing

- Managing performers

- Managing audiences,

- Managing budgets and handling finances.

- Front of house administration;

- Sponsorship.

- Project Management

- Tour Co-ordination



Detailed responsibilities


  • Planning and organising logistics related to events, buildings, performers or artists and other personnel

  • Working to secure funding for venues or specific events;

  • Contributing to publications which accompany events and activities

  • Arranging performances, artists, venues, security, catering and sale of tickets

  • Marketing a performance or event through social media, direct mail, advertising, websites, posters or publicity leaflets and attracting media coverage

  • Planning and managing budgets

  • Booking performances and events, including arrangements for tours

  • Development of new projects and initiatives in consultation with arts professionals 

  • Selecting and training staff

  • Providing administrative support to directors and producers.



My skills include:


  • Good communication, teamwork, interpersonal and organisational skills; knowledge of, and an interest in, the arts; ability to work independently, meet deadlines and manage a number of projects at the same time; awareness of the specific arts activities and events in South Africa

  • administrative skills and experience of working to budgets; excellent IT skills including spreadsheets, social media and database management and high-quality customer service.